Got questions or a comment about our clothing line?  Fill out the applicable spaces under the “Leave A Reply” section on this page and submit it.  We’ll try to answer it for you. (Your question and answer will appear in the “Comment” link at the bottom of this page after it has been approved)

Here are some questions/answers that have been addressed so far:

Question: Can I purchase Women’s sizes?

Answer: Yes, right now the Golf Shirts come in Women’s sizes, too. Please specify on the form, but it is best to attend Promotions Plus to try it on first.

Question: Who can buy and wear PPAN logo clothing?

Answer: Anyone.

Question: How do I order the clothing?

Answer: Click on the Order Form tab and print the form. Complete the necessary information (3 Steps) and mail the completed form along with a cheque payable to PPAN for the total amount. The mailing address is on the form.

Question: How long does it take to get my clothing and how do I get it?

Answer: It usually takes about 3 weeks from the time you place your order. PPAN monitors the process and will email (or call if you don’t have email) when the order is complete. You are responsible for picking up the order at Promotions Plus.

Question: Can I go to Promotions Plus and place an order for PPAN clothing?

Answer: NO. Our clothing can only be purchased from PPAN.

Question: Why does the logo design now look a little different on the baseball cap (outside border missing)?

Answer: When the logo size was made smaller to fit the cap, the lettering on the outside  border became illegible.  For quality purposes, the only alternative Promotions Plus had was to eliminate the border lettering.


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